Saturday, September 19, 2009

The topic I would like to touch today is a not-so-recent youtube video that has been revolving around Pakistan. It was about VJ Waqar telling(more like humiliating) a 'Defence-wanna-be' girl how to be a true Pakistani. According to VJ Waqar, the girl should have spoken pure Urdu; not a word of English. So he completely humiliated the girl, on air.

According to VJ Waqar:
The girl wrote in her description that she hated Pakistan. This was because of the usual reasons. Load-shedding, thefts, no facilities etc. HOW DARE SHE WRITE, SHE HATES PAKISTAN?! (Again, according to VJ Waqar) Girls should not speak English if they don't know how to. People(like that girl) should not be even allowed to remain on this soil if they don't love their country.

Giving a self-opinion of why Shehzeen(the girl) did that:
Well, mainly to act cool. She might have heard people saying that Pakistan's going to the dogs. She thought she'd rephrase it in her own words to 'fit in'. No harm meant. She must have written 'I hate Pakistan' because she considered other countries as better places. Even that point can be accepted.

Now, according to me:
I think VJ Waqar was way out of line and was completely wrong about his concepts. Even I felt weird when I heard she had written 'I hate Pakistan'; but I mean COME ON! She's a freakin' girl. Doesn't she deserve respect and a right to say what she wants? Everybody makes mistakes they regret later. Waqar isn't totally a best-man himself. I really don't think that beating up wrong-doers is a patriotic step. Going around like he rules the place; makes me sick!
The problem with this guy is the fact that he thinks everything can be solved on the tip of a sword. This is plain 'Ghunda-gardi'(<-- Emphasis). I think she has the right to say what she wants. Be it, she hates Pakistan. She's still living in it, right? This country was made on this basis; democracy. The right to say what you want, and do what you must. Free we are, and free we must remain.

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  1. Hahaha!!
    Yeah, the Waqar guy is a loser!! Don't agree with you completely!! But nice post!