Sunday, October 16, 2011

The prison we made for ourselves

You should put them in a cage. The beggars and the vagrants and the ones we fight against. The people we disagree with. The ones who look or sound different from us. The neighbours who talk about us. Let's put the whole god damn world in a cage. Until the walls enclose it all. And only we are left on the outside.

List of changes.

We can answer any question we have, like how do actors make themselves cry, so we never sit in wonder and wonder at the wonder of the world, anymore.

And anything we watch can be paused, so we never argue about what just happened while we were talking, anymore.

We cannot hope that we might have just missed their call, because our phones are always with us and if they didn't call, they didn't call.

No protests in the streets, just a button marked 'like'.

No one reads stories aloud, unless you are a child.

No letters. Just bills.

The world needs more lighthouses

You can join the millions talking in the dark. Or you can stand up and scream light, out into the night.

The city has a lullaby

This is a city of sleepwalkers.
That never sleep.
Those are the sounds that pull you out of bed.
These are the hands that rock the world to sleep.
There's nothing to be afraid of in a dream.

The lights we all once were

There is no pain.

Just atoms becoming humans and picnics, lovers and stars. And then something else. And sometimes it feels like if the wind blew too hard, it'd take us all with it. You don't have to close your eyes. There is no pain. Just atoms becoming the blood that pumps through your heart and the knot in your throat, the clouds above us and air inside your lungs. There's nothing to cry about. There is no pain. Just the light from distant suns and flocks of birds. The sensation of time passing. Waves against the sky. Those shudders than run through your body, aren't there. Your nose isn't blocked. There is no pain.