Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I wish these times would never end. Today, so many hearts will be broken. When happiness and sadness pull at every heart string. No one knows where they're going and what tomorrow has in store. I wish we could all hold hands and come out the other side.

I can only hope that the memories will never fade in anyone's mind. Even when we only have glossy covered pictures reminding us of yesterday. If only I had a picture of today from our hearts, for the cover of the scrap book in my mind.

Please, paint me a picture of today before tomorrow takes it away.

Monday, May 30, 2011


One by one, nature cuts our strings and lets us fall to the ground.

Yesterday, someone in my family passed away. She was not very closely related to me. Infact, she was my father's aunt. She used to come by our house every weekend or so before we shifted. All the way from defence(That's a long way). All the way, by a bus. That's a fairly large distance for an old woman to travel. I have never had any close contact with her, but once in my 19 year memory.

     She used to knit sweaters for us. I used to get a maroon or blue one every year. 5 months ago, was the last time I saw her. A 94-year old woman. In a chair. Wrinkled face. Glasses, too big for her old smiling face, that magnified her eyes to hardly the size of small golf balls. We seldom visited her. She happy when she saw us. A smile passed over her face, though I could see the pain behind the smile. My parents went and hugged her and tears rolled down from her eyes. I do not usually feel sentimental nor emotional, but I felt my eyes water my lashes. That was enough to make me realize how much she loved us.

     The world doesn't live that way. The world doesn't love that way. "We hide behind masks.." I never understood the true meaning of these words until now. You and I hide behind masks of shame. You and I hide behind masks of success. You and I hide behind masks of arrogance. We think twice behind expressing our love and appreciation to someone. The world is a different place than it was a century ago.

Her will: Let Shahid (My father) be the one who lowers me in my grave.

'Ina lillahe wa inna elaihe rajaun'

The Pockets

“I’m jealous of children. I envy them.”
You said.

I asked you why.

“Because their pockets are empty. They don’t need to carry anything. No cell phones, wallets, car keys, cigarettes, lighters, iPods… you know what I mean? They’re free. As we get older, we give ourselves more and more things to worry about. To lose. Reasons to pat our pockets in a panic in case we’re missing something. A list to run through in our head before we walk out the front door. That’s why I envy children.”

I nodded and finished my cigarette, wondering if I had my wallet with me.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The story of Bobilina 'The Ugly' Jelly Bean. (Utterly random)

Once upon a time, there was a big shoe. Someone wore it, and walked away. BUT that is not the point! The point is, that there was once a Jelly bean. Yes, a jelly bean! Yes yes, I know your surprised with the 'o.O' expression.

So anyway, this little jelly bean lived in a.. bean bag? Whatever. Wild, naked turnips lived in that area too, and they called him Bobilina. And that was really, really embarrassing. So one day, this little jelly bean decided to go visit his grandma, who was a witch and was convicted of boiling Hansel and Gretel, but who gives a fuc.. chilly, about them. Bobilina wore a red hood and took off with a basket of grenades and rocket launchers. He wanted to give his granny a big surprise by supplying her with military aid. Granny McDoodle waged war against her neighbours, the 3 bears, a year ago. They held Goldikeys hostage because, apparently, the idiot was found licking their pillows.

While making his way through the Canyon of Nana-nana-nana-nana, Bobilina came across Fred the mole. Fred the mole walks up to Bobilina and says,"Sup?". To which, Bobilina says,"No, YOU tell me what's up!!" So the mole goes all,"No, YOU tell me what's up?!" To which Bobilina says,"Imma whoop your tushie, FOOL!" The mole goes like,"Oh no, you di'int!" "Oh yes I di'id!", "Oh no, you di'int! "Oh yes, I di'id","Oh no, you di'int!" "Oh yes I di'id!", "Oh no, you di'int! "Oh yes, I di'id","Oh no, you di'int!" "Oh yes I di'id!", "Oh no, you di'int! "Oh yes, I di'id"..

Meanwhile, Tarzan-ia was having trouble pinning up his diaper. He had a long day.. Well, let's not go there! What he did not know, was that he was being stalked. Red-Indian headhunters followed him to his nest and.. BOOOM!!

*Haha, no, they did not shoot him. Dont cry.*

Cartoons dont die. Gayness. Remember?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Today Gives You

Today, no planes flew into any buildings.

Today, there was no fire falling from the sky.

Today, there were no riots in the streets.

Today, the news was mostly just about famous people.

Today, no shaky footage was recorded of children running from a burning village.

Today, not one person stood in front of a tank.

Today, no one put flowers in the rifle barrels of guns.

Today, you will check your mail.

Today, no shots rang out over a black cavalcade.

Today, there was no negotiated revolution.

Today, no flags were burned.

Today, sport will be played and people will be upset over the outcome.

Tomorrow however, is a new day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Interrogator Knows Me

Someone was throwing a can away when it happened and the can just hung in the air. A man was getting into his car, turning the radio on. A shopping bag was stuck in midswing, carried by a frozen shopper. Birds in the sky just stayed where they were. Light hits the eyes the universe gave me. Time throws slow punches but they hurt all the same. You are a secret I can never give up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hol-ly Shi-it!

So maybe I've been watching Discovery channel for a few days, and I've come across this remarkably ingenious person. Stephen Hawkings. Same level as that of Albert Einstein. Difference being: He deals with the universe as a whole.


P.S: No disrespect to Einstein or Hawkings.

The universe ended and I watched

There's no noise out here.

Unless you listen closely, in which case, you can still hear the echoes of the first word.

There's no reason to be afraid of shadows.

Unless you've seen where they keep them.

There's no mystery in your blood.

Unless you remember your minerals and metals all come from the ghosts of distant stars.

But other than that, nothing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Social ghost

I am: select sex. It's free and everyone can join. Keep me signed in for two weeks. Invite your friends. Two of your friends have a crush on you. You are at the last photo. 

Save your changes. 

Remember me.