Friday, March 23, 2012

A look into the future. (Repost)

This is an early post. I was going through my compositions and decided to repost this. Original post here.

"A bomb hits the city and all life is instantly vapourized. But, I'm not so fortunate as I see buildings burn down right in front of me. Stumbling, I trip over pieces of descending flesh. Leaving behind the pile of smoldering humanoid remian. Radiation chasing, leading me to a nuclear grave.

Were we ready to fight world war III?

Yet, humanity somehow stood up on its mutated feet. Still filled with men with unnerving pride. Those who just won't accept their loss, their defeat, their end. And into missiles, they crammed disease and deadly poison. One by one they launched them to an unstoppable journey to kill off the last. I choke on my tongue. I see people vomiting blood. The gas from above is filling my lungs, taking over the little spaces.

And now there is nothing but darkness, and silence. The species of man is now extinct. All that remain are the boiling oceans, into which the continents sink slow and steady. The gravity's gone and the moon collides with a dead Earth. It leaves the flaming world out of orbit. Leaves it flying uncontrollably into deep space.

Were we ready for World War IV?"


We have come a long way, through rain and the dust of time. Times full of wonders. Full of secret dreams. We have seen the winters. We have seen the sunlight's brightest shine. The song has now ended, the last notes fade away.

But a new one begins. The music will continue. Now it's time for the future. We left our past behind. All the battles are over. But our dreams still live to see a new dawn. Smoke has been rising, though now it's blown away by the wind. Time has come, we'll never rest. At the end of the battle, we fight. No more tears, no more pain. Glory for us all. Now it's time to release our souls from all diseases. A kingdom will come, a keeper of the crown. A call for rebellion, scream for revenge. Because for freedom, we stand. Hymns of redemption, we're singing along. A hail to the band of the crown. We are wanderers on the run.

Now we see our tomorrow. The night transits. And our dreams lived to see a new dawn.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Leash.

The pen that moves, in liquid fire
Will move the world assunder
To grasp the ears, of those that fear
The written word like thunder

The Strangest Voice.

You'll forgive me but I'm professionally curious. I'm paid to be interesting. I'm indebted to mystery.

And perhaps you have thought that because I use simple words, I am an idiot savant who does not understand bigger ones, but I've experienced such limerance from a simple dulcet daliance with complexity that I've come to believe that such things almost always destroys a decent dénouement, which as I previously stated, is what I'm here for. 

Hence, I apologize again but I'm here for the intrigue. I'm here for the plot. For the exposition and if there's time for one more, a refrain.

So I'm not interested in what you have to tell me.

I am only interested in the things, you cannot say.