Friday, March 23, 2012


We have come a long way, through rain and the dust of time. Times full of wonders. Full of secret dreams. We have seen the winters. We have seen the sunlight's brightest shine. The song has now ended, the last notes fade away.

But a new one begins. The music will continue. Now it's time for the future. We left our past behind. All the battles are over. But our dreams still live to see a new dawn. Smoke has been rising, though now it's blown away by the wind. Time has come, we'll never rest. At the end of the battle, we fight. No more tears, no more pain. Glory for us all. Now it's time to release our souls from all diseases. A kingdom will come, a keeper of the crown. A call for rebellion, scream for revenge. Because for freedom, we stand. Hymns of redemption, we're singing along. A hail to the band of the crown. We are wanderers on the run.

Now we see our tomorrow. The night transits. And our dreams lived to see a new dawn.

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