Saturday, September 19, 2009

Now that I started writing, I'll write another. (with a different approach)

The usual 'thinking-bulb' is back on. How easy it is to give an advice, and how hard it is to follow your own. The conversation goes like:

1st person: Pakistanis should do something about traffic problems. 'Pakistan Quid-e-Azam se chalta hay'(In this sense, it means money)
2nd person: Pakistan should improve the infrastructure.
And they went on and on and on and on and on....

Why don't they just shut the F#&@ up?! What do they mean by 'Pakistanis'? Are they not one of us?! Would saying 'we' be unbearably painful for them?! -sigh-

And that's where I knew my answer. I knew what our problem was, as I'm sure everyone does. All we can do is place our tushie on a fluffy little cushion and talk all we want. We can give 'advices', 'suggestions' and 'opinions'; but we never get our butts off of that cushion and try to change the world we live in. We criticize the people who actually want to make a difference. We point our fingers to the person who wants to do good. The worst part is; WE put our trust on the damned ones. We put our trust on the people who just care to how much we put in their pockets.

Ironically, the funny part is that we have just one answer: ''What can we do about it? I'm just one person, what big can I do?" That's plain pathetic. It takes one small pebble to bring down an avalanche. One small rock to take down an unstable cliff. YOU make a difference, they will follow. Me? I'm already way ahead of you. Convince a group, make them convince more. Convince the school, convince the area. Atleast TAKE A FREAKIN' STEP!! The thing is we don't want to make a change. We just want to get on with the roughed-up life we're used to. We throw bricks, at the person who wants those bricks to lay the foundations of a better life.

I noticed one very important thing. Do you remember on what date did Pakistan win the world cup this time? I asked this question a number of times from various people. Guess what? 90% of them.. don't remember. It really hurts to see that we don't value anything anymore. We, of all people, were the ones saying that WE can never win the World Cup!! It's more like a slap in the face for all those who did.

Bring a positive change in yourself. Inspire others, make them see the light. Raise a hand, raise a voice. Take a step now. Divided we fail, united we rule. Divided we fail, united we rule. DIVIDED WE FAIL, UNITED WE RULE!

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