Friday, March 12, 2010

I have learned the hard way, that denial is in fact realization in disguise. You can look at my face, and even though the layers of mist between us, I'm sadly disfigured when it comes to concealing expressions. A bad actor in the middle of someone else's stage - and I give myself away. It is a good thing. Confrontation has already happened when you've tried to push it away. I'm always right there. Watch my every move, and dont let me fall, since I've made it obviously easy, and grassroots stem only from seeds.

Mocks are over and hell, revelling in every moment even though the sparks seem gone.

Sometimes, I wish I could walk on the ceiling to see the world from a whole new perspective.. every thing which doesnt make sense immediately would, and everyone's head would be in their feet, quite literally.

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