Friday, March 12, 2010

His eyes searched the screens for signs of the dead, exhausted players and dying enemies crying out against the intensity of his hands.. punching the buttons as rapidly as his thoughts process to understand what's happening. It is a game and he is lost, only between circles of victory as the player and him keep taking down enemies, the room smells of time..

Shoulders hunched, sprawled on the floor, he's trying to get as near, and as far away from checkmate as possible. His hands move slowly, rethinking every move, the black and white pieces slowly outnumber each other in their decisions. It is an ongoing cycle. He looks up, eyes sparkling at the friend, and takes away another piece, as castles move, kings evade and queens attack.

And in all their indifference, his arms hanging loosely behind his chair, holding on to, maybe, a similar thought somewhere at the back of their minds.

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