Saturday, August 7, 2010

The truth is born in strange places.

Joan of Arc came back as a little girl in Japan, and her father told her to stop listening to her imaginary friends.

Elvis was born again in a small village in Sudan, he died hungry, age 9, never knowing what a guitar was.

Michelangelo was drafted into the military at age 18 in Korea, he painted his face black with shoe polish and learned to kill.

Jackson Pollock got told to stop making a mess, somewhere in Russia.

Hemingway, to this day, writes DVD instruction manuals somewhere in China. He's an old man on a factory line. You wouldn't recognise him.

Gandhi was born to a wealthy stockbroker in New York. He never forgave the world after his father threw himself from his office window, on the 21st floor.

And everyone, somewhere, is someone, if we only give them a chance.


  1. Okay.. This kinda makes no sense! :P

  2. Why not? It's so simple.
    Elvis Presley, The Elvis Presley. Another person with the same name was born, but didnt get a chance to live up to his name.

  3. That's 'cos Allah has wriiter a different fate for everyone Saud! He decides, we just live! deep, I know :P