Friday, December 4, 2009

Silence, at the threshold of life. Can you feel that empty body? Do you remember the way you lived. You're dying and all those years disappeared.
And then I ask," Why did you live?" Wasted time. You lived this way, even you don't know why. You'd like a few more days though, but there's no time. You want to turn back but you don't know how.
You're willing to give everything. For the last time, you'd like to see what you didnt realize, the wonderful Sun. You don't have a clue. Everything you had, is lost. So many deceits you went through. No more. And now, cry. Cry over the way. You lived all those years, and merely disappeared.

Pain. You would like to feel again.
Pleasure. You would love to laugh again.

But, you had your time. You had your time, and you bore no fruit. This is how it ends.. You go back, with nothing.


  1. You seriously should leave education for writing!! You are brilliant! Your No.1 fan! :)